About me:

Hello, I am Nousha Mirshams! Thank you for coming to my page! I am very happy that you are here!

I was born in Iran; have been interested in art since my childhood. I completed my secondary education at The Fine Arts Academy in the field of painting in the city of Isfahan, the cradle of art, and continued in the same field at the Soura University of Arts in Tehran, the capital of Iran. I was active in the field of Painting for more than a decade while for the financial purposes, I had a second job in a Neurologist office. It was here that I realized that I wanted to pursue my career, not just my hobby, in the art field.

In 2013, starting pastry courses, cooking national and Iranian dishes, coffee shop, chocolate, cake decorating, traditional and international pastry, and …. This time, I was not only painting with colours and shapes, but flavours were also added to my work. After completing the courses at Sanaz Sanya Academy, I started teaching there, share practical advice, and making art materials. I believe that being an artist is something that one is born to do, not learned at school, I expanded my study through practical experience, learning through trial and error and self-learning studying as well.   I continued to work and teach at the Confectionery Institutes for several years. So that I had the honor of meeting and enhancing my experience with the successful chefs such as Mrs. Jamshidian and Mr. Zaafari in Iran, while I was working in a couple of coffee shops as well.   In 2019 I moved to Canada, has been living in the city of Fredericton in the province of New Brunswick. At the beginning of my arrival, I took Health Care Aid courses and worked as a personal support worker in a home care. With working at its kitchen, I had the opportunity to get familiar with Canadian taste and preferences and apply food safety regulations. It was here that I furthered expanded on my knowledge for Canadian market. I am here today to say in the height of disbelief that it is never too late to achieve your goals and that we all are capable of turning our dreams into a big reality one day with taking small steps. My back home experiences in making variety of traditional sweets along with pastry making and cooking abroad, all together has given the necessary skills so that I could establish Nousha Pastry today, which is currently an online shop. My intention is to share all my love and everything I have learned in two decades with you. Thank you for accompanying me!